Over the past couple of years, staycations have become more and more popular with us Brits choosing to explore the UK and discover some of the hidden gems closer to home. This paired with the growing interest in the English wine industry and people wanting to enjoy unique days out with friends and family has found us partnering with lots of interesting accommodation providers across Kent. We are pleased to be able to collaborate with a variety of accommodation providers including hotels, holiday homes, luxury glamping and everything in between. Our wine tours of Kent include transport and  pick up from your door in Kent and East Sussex. Within 15

Can you believe we are already over halfway through the year? We don’t know about you, but this year is flying by! This could be because we have been so busy hosting some very lovely guests on our wine tours over the last few months. We’ve been lucky enough to host lots of different groups celebrating various things such as hen do’s, birthday’s, team-building and one of our favourites ‘just because there’s never a bad day to drink English wine in a stunning vineyard’ – and funnily enough, we completely agree!   We’ve also very much enjoyed hosting multiple in-house tastings for both personal and corporate groups; including one at

Hurrah, we made it through January with no more lockdowns and I have a glimmer of hope that business wise this could be a really successful year! Personally and professionally, January turned out to be a really productive month. We have settled into our office and it is so lovely to finally have a HQ for Wine Tours of Kent, there has been so many bookings for spring and summer tours and we have got some BIG exciting events in Summer 2022! I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I didn’t want the pressure to succeed, instead I have been focusing on positive mindsets and the work/life

A really exciting development that we have been working on is balancing our business carbon footprint. I came across a fantastic project which I am absolutely delighted to say we are now a business partner with. 9Trees is a concept, that was formed in 2018 by Michael Cunningham: an experienced habitat and business manager. He was joined by Ash Kent, in 2019, an experienced countryside and habitat manager. Their vision is to tackle climate change by restoring new woodland habitats, promote biodiversity, create jobs within the countryside sector and connect more people to nature. They are a Community Interest Company, ploughing any profits back into good schemes, training

As the darker evenings draw in, I look forward to getting home, sitting down catching up on the days events with my ‘threenager’ whilst sipping a lovely glass of English fizz. I find myself surprised at the sudden change of season which I really shouldn’t as I have been experiencing it for the last 30 something years! Personal views aside, the sudden change of season does have significance in the world of wine and especially here in the UK. Over the past month our wine tours have seen a wave of activity when visiting our favourite Kent vineyards as September and October are the Harvest months. Fergus Elias, Head