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When is it best to visit Kent’s wineries & vineyards?


When to go on a wine & vineyard tour? No matter who you ask, you will always get a different opinion. The reality is, it depends on your own preference. So here’s a guide on what to expect at the vineyards each season…

Spring is a good combination as it’s starting to warm up, there will be noticeably fewer people at the wineries compared to the summer months, meaning more time can be spent talking and savouring every sip. In my experience, there is always more chance in spring of getting all the wines you want before they sell out.

With the Summer months bringing the crowds, its normally dryer weather conditions allowing you to take a walk amongst the vines, sit on the deck and enjoy the wine tastings. Kent has a number of vineyards with decks offering stunning views over the vineyard and countryside.

Autumn is usually all go at the vineyards, as this is when the harvest is ready for picking. You will get to see the winery staff at work, picking and pressing the grapes. For those that like to be hands on, some wineries allow their wine club members the chance to be apart of harvesting the grapes.

The winter months can sometimes turn people off the idea of being outdoors, others love the idea of enjoying a walk in the crisp fresh air. A number of Kent’s vineyards have walks around the vineyard that have beautiful outlooks across the countryside, and some as far as the coast. Once you have worn yourself out walking, pop inside to warm up and taste some wine.

Wine Tours of Kent offer full day guided tours year round, it’s a great way to visit some of Kent’s award winning wineries and enjoy all of the wine tastings.



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